Niki Collier’s practice evolves around traditional textile crafts often blended with innovative approaches in constructing fabric and stories.

Niki Collier develops her practice in three strands: exhibition work, slow fashion collections and teaching.

Niki Collier’s exhibition work is a mission to breach science and art boundaries through pieces that start a conversation about balance, resilience and empowerment. Her special interest are experiences and constructs that unite us and welcome revisiting our own understanding of us and them.

Niki Collier’s felt collections offer contemporary hand made felt pieces with strong design and flawless execution made in luxury natural materials with a dedication to origin and heritage. Each collection includes hats, scarves and gloves as well as wraps and coats in several colours. Bespoke commissions are welcome. Just book an appointment to discuss.

Niki Collier’s love for creativity and felting has opened many doors. She has taught in many institutions, including Facebook, Etsy, NCAD and Dublin City Council. Niki is a qualified teacher with MA in Education and an established member of the Education Panel with DCCoI. If you love nurturing skills and ideas through craft, give Niki Collier a call.

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